L.E.A.D. & School Programs

The River Edge Police Department is highly committed to the youth and schools in River Edge. We enjoy an outstanding relationship with the administration of each school and are a resource for them. In addition, we conduct several programs in the schools, here is a description of a few:

L.E.A.D.   Adopt-a-Cop   Fatal Vision Program  


The L.E.A.D. program is being presented in the elementary schools and the Middle School. The 10 lesson core curriculum is taught at the fifth grade level. A specially trained police officer presents a one hour weekly lesson for 10 weeks, in each fifth grade classroom. The Middle School curriculum is taught in an eight week session to the eighth grade class.


The Adopt-a-Cop program is presented at the first grade level and is often a child's first experience with a police officer. An officer is assigned to a first grade class and is "adopted" as that classroom's police officer. The officer visits the classroom on a Bi-weekly basis from October through June. In addition to helping the students learn about police officers, lesson on safety, strangers, and other applicable topics are discussed.

Fatal Vision Program


The Police Department L.E.A.D. Officers present the Fatal Vision program to all eighth grade students. The program is aimed at educating the students to the dangers of drinking and driving. In presenting the program at the eighth grade level, we hope to affect the students attitudes about the issue prior to the age at which they will be able to drive. In addition, we emphasize not accepting a ride from someone who has been drinking.

The program utilizes specially designed goggles which simulate some of the effects of alcohol impairment, such as loss of coordination and balance, and double vision. Each student is encourage to attempt to perform several tasks with the goggles on, such as walking a straight line.

The program is brought to its conclusion with a sobering talk by the officers about drunk driving accidents and their effects on the victims and their families.