A message from Council President Chinigo:
      “After consulting with our town attorney to ensure that we are acting within the bounds of the law, and after carefully weighing many factors, including the success we have had with virtual meeting sessions over the past 15 months, the greater than average number of guests we have had in our Council meetings on a bi-weekly basis since we started using virtual means to meet and the fact that as of June 8, 2021 only 50% of New Jersey residents and 42.3% of US residents are fully vaccinated, the Council of River Edge has decided to continue meeting virtually for the summer 2021 months, and to return to in-person meetings after Labor Day in September, 2021.  We appreciate that not everyone may agree with our decision to temporarily delay the return to Council Chambers.  However, given the fact that we have yet to reach herd immunity as a society, and since many Council members as well as members of various Committees and Commissions in River Edge have young children who are not able to avail themselves of the protection offered by the current vaccines, we feel it is safer to continue our meetings by virtual means (i.e. via Zoom) for the Summer months.  Rest assured that virtual meetings will in no way hinder the administration of municipal government, and as everyone who has attended one of our meetings in person or by virtual means can attest, the voices of our citizens will always be heard and considered by your elected officials. Thank you for your patience and understanding.  It is the will of the Council that this directive apply to all River Edge Committees and Commissions until Labor Day, September 2021.”

Mayo Clinic Vaccine Tracker

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