Property Tax

Property Tax Information
Residents do not need to call the Tax Office to find out if a tax payment was received or to calculate annual property tax payments when preparing income taxes. Property tax information is available online, including current bills and past bills paid. Here's how to view or pay taxes:

  1. Click here to visit River Edge's Property Tax Information website.
  2. Complete the online form with requested information, such as the property owner's name, block and lot number, address, and / or Tax ID.

Residents are encouraged to view the website, but the Tax Office remains available for personal assistance.

Please note: Interest on delinquent amounts is calculated to today's date. Please contact the Tax Office at 201-599-6311, to obtain interest due for future payment dates. 

If you have questions about the allocation of your tax dollars please call the tax office 201-599-6311

Pay Taxes On Line

Please click here to view and/or pay your taxes online.