Becoming a Volunteer Coach

  1. All Volunteer Coaches are required to complete the Rutgers SAFETY Certification. 

    Go to for list of certification clinics in the area.  A copy of this certification must be submitted to

  2. All Volunteer Coaches are required to Undergo a Criminal Background Check! 

    The Borough of River Edge Ordinance #1501 requires criminal background checks for River Edge volunteers involved with Borough sponsored programs or services involving minors. Click here to download the background check instructions. If you have further questions contact Lt. Mike Walker at 201-599-6316 

  3. All Volunteer Coaches are required to be trained in the prevention and treatment of sports-related concussions and other head injuries among students athletes!

    • An online concussion training for coaches through the Center for Disease Control is required for all volunteer coaches Up: Concussion in Youth Sports certificate of completion is to be submitted to

    • Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports fact sheets specifically for coaches, for athletes and for parents are to be distributed to the appropriate group by each youth sport league every season

  4. All Volunteer Coaches will be required to be trained in the use of the Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED which are located at KBG Field, Little League Fields, Roosevelt School Field and Cherry Hill School Field. Click the link for this training video CardiAcademy Courses

Step 1 - click link to CardiAcademy AED Training Video

Step 2 - Enter your name at beginning of on line training video so it can be printed on your certificate upon completion.

Step 3 - Complete online training video and once completed certificate comes up on your screen, using your browser's print function, print hard copy or print to a PDF.

Step 4 - Send your Certificate to to verify that you have completed the Rescue Training and have viewed the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Course

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