Borough Forms and Permits

Building Forms

Tree Bond Application

Employment Application

Employment Application 

Fire Prevention

Food Truck Fire Prevention Permit Type 1.pdf 


Animal Cruelty and Certain Acts
Marriage License Application Reg-77 April 2019.pdf 
Cat License Application 12-2021.pdf 
Dog License Application 12-2021.pdf 
Guide to Prevention of Animal Cruelty Laws
Penalties for Various Acts Constituting Cruelty
Request for Certified Copy of a Vital Record

Temporary Food Event Application08032022.pdf 

Landlord Identify Statement

Landlord Identity Statement

Land Use Forms

APPLICATION - PLANNING - Rev 2-2-23.pdf 

APPLICATION - ZONING - Rev 2-2-23.pdf 

Certificate of Occupancy - Business

Certificate of Occupancy

Dumpster Permit

Dumpster Permit


Annual Alarm Registration

Garage Sale - New 2022.pdf 

Message Board Application

Property Maintenance Request

Raffle License Application

Senior Bus Application

Street Opening Application - Residential & Commercial

Street Opening Application - Utilities

Towing Application

Parking Permits 2022


 PARKING Grove Street Commercial 2022.pdf 


Parks & Recreation

Coach Background Check Directions
Memorial Park Reservation


Reverse 911

Sidewalk Permit

Sidewalk Permit

Sidewalks & Trees handout 

Solicitor Permits

Solicitors Permit Application

Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy
Social Media Application Part A

Special Event Application

Special Event Application

Temporary Storage Container

Temporary Storage Permit

Temporary Banner Permit

Temporary Banner Permit

Tort Claim

Tort Claim Form

Tree Related Permits & Forms

Avoiding Tree Damage During Construction
Borough Tree Removal Request
Sewers & Trees
Sidewalks & Trees

Application for Construction - Tree Bond
Utility Tree Pruning Permit

Shade Tree Request Form

Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Request

OPRA Request Form.pdf 

 APPLICATION - ZONING - Rev 2-2-23.pdf